19 April 2014

To set the world on fire

In 1937 William Zimmerman was born in Dillsboro, Indiana, US. When he was 10 years old, he discovered, in his neighbor’s library, The Birds of America, the ultra-famous book by naturalist and painter John James Audubon. William Zimmerman’s long passion for drawing and painting birds was ignited.

American Kestrel (1989)

Barn Swallow, Cliff Swallow (1989)

Belted Kingfisher (1989)

Blue Jay (1989)

Bohemian Waxwing, Cedar Waxwing Loggerhead Shrike (1989)

Brown Trasher (1989)

Chimney Swift (1989)

Common Barn Owl (1989)

Common Loon Adult in nuptial plumage (1989)

Eastern Screech Owl, Carolina Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Red Breasted Nuthatch, White Breasted Nuthatch Brown Creeper, Carolina Wren (1989)

Little Blue Heron (1989)

Northern Harrier (1989)

Northern Harrier Rough-Legged Hawk (1989)

Osprey (1989)

Red Winged Blackbird, Rusty Blackbird, Common Grackle (1989)

Ruffed Grouse (1989)

Sandhill Crane (1989)

Turkey Vulture (1989)

Wild Turkey (1989)

Wood Duck (1989)

Roger Tory Peterson (hoola, he's just not anybody!) has referred to William Zimmerman as one of America’s premier bird artists.

14 April 2014

Provençal land escape

Living in Provence, France Julian Merrow-Smith is a prolific painter. Be welcome to visit his Postcards from Provence, his perfumed landscapes.

 Barleyfield at Sault

 Before the Harvest

 Cabanon and Poppy Field

 Field of Gold

 House with Shadows

 Lavender Fields near Sault

 Mas des Cyprès

 Morning near Sault

 Near Gigondas

 Spring Wheat with Poppies

 Track near Flassan

 Track Through Lavender Fields

Track Through Shadows

11 April 2014

Falcon collection

Offset lithographs printed in 1956 – Oldenburg, Germany.

 Accipiter nisus

 Buteo buteo

 Circus aeruginosus

 Circus cyaneus

 Falco columbarius aesalon

 Falco subbuteo

 Falco vespertinus

 Milvus migrans

Pernis apivorus

Source: Craftissimo

04 April 2014

White peacocks bloom

White peacocks are not albinos; they have a genetic mutation that is known as leucism, which causes the lack of pigments in the plumage. Source: Wikipedia.

Enjoy the beautifully white explosive paintings by Jessie Arms Botke, an American art nouveau painter born in Chicago (1883-1971) and known for exotic, highly decorated bird studies.

The peacocks are shown in natural settings accompanied by carefully painted flora. The artworks are richly adorned with an abundance of detail.