19 November 2011

So you want to write a fugue?

So you want to write a fugue.

You got the urge to write a fugue.
You got the nerve to write a fugue.
So go ahead, so go ahead and write a fugue.
Go ahead and write a fugue that we can sing.

Now the only way to write one
Is to plunge right in and write one.
Just forget the rules and write one,
Just ignore the rules and try.

Based on the song Do Re Me from the movie The Sound of Music (! - according to cbc.ca), the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould composed in 1963 a fugue for a voice quartet called So You Want to Write a Fugue?

I asked myself the same kind of question: So You Want to Make a Brooch? Really? A wearable hand stitched piece of jewelry? The answer was yes.

Since I'm a miniature plush maker working with felt, I had (almost) everything to initiate the project. But a forgotten supply was still needed: back pins. I found yesterday what I was looking for on St.Hubert street, on a dark and chilly afternoon.

I enjoy hand embroidery more than I thought.

And it's a real pleasure to create in red, black, white. Those three colors always remind me of the lovely White Stripes headstrong design concept! Oh. Goth.

Just listed in my Etsy shop: True Love. tattoo style plush brooch.

So You Want to Write a Fugue? on youtube

Thank you for your interest in my work.


  1. Red, white and black for some reason, remind me of Twilight. Felt and pins - a marriage made in heaven! Hello from the Etsy Blog Team...

  2. Love that black heart. Striking!

  3. Love black white red too! Very energetic mix!

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