25 February 2012

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Digital paintings by Ray Caesar

Ray Caesar composes his images entirely on his home computer using 3-D graphics software more commonly used in the production of mainstream productions.

Ray Caesar wrote: I color the models first in a very simple way, then each surface in the model is wrapped with a texture that may be painted digitally such as a flower petal or from a digital photograph such as a wood surface. I collect textures the way some people collect little silver spoons and I have a story about each texture in my collection… As my work is printed I am often asked about my original, but it exists only in the computer in a dimensional world of depth, width and height. I am fascinated by the concept that this 3-dimensional space exists much as another reality and even though I turn the computer off, I am haunted by the fact that this space is still there existing in a mathematical probability, and the space that we live in now might not be all that different.

For 17 years, he worked at the Hospital for Sick Children in the photo department.

He lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife Jane and a male mutt (half German shepherd, half coyote) named Bonnie.

Ray Caesar said: I have always had this theory. There are only two professions in life: healing and creating. And they work best when they're combined. If you think about it, there isn't a single profession worth doing that isn't healing and creating. When you sweep streets, you're creating a clean environment for people to walk in.

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Ancient Memory

Almost unreal because so beautiful and innocent Marianne Faithfull in 1965
As Tears Go by


  1. Hi,

    I know Caesar's work for a couple of years now and I like his work.
    It's been a while since I've visited his website, but one of the most amusing things about it is his biography(about) page.

    Since you like Caesar's work, also take a look - although you probably already known him - at the work of Mark Ryden.

    There's also a female artist who has a painting of a girl and a dog on a leash and the dog instead of legs, has wheels.

    Best regards,


  2. These are so striking! I love the Siren. Beautiful!