15 May 2012

Come in, simply it is open.

Not so little Red Riding Hood and not so Big bad Wolf. Bound by physical attraction, they show some interest for each other, through their eyes, their actions or their dealings. Pull the bobbin, and the latch will go up.

Tire la chevillette, la bobinette cherra. (French)
Levanta el pestillo y entra. (Spanish)
Tira la cordicella, e il chiavistello scorrerà. (Italian)
Cháu cứ kéo cái chốt, cái then sẽ rơi xuống. (Vietnamese)
Puxe a tranca, e a porta se abrirá. (Portuguese)
Trek maar aan het klosje, dan gaat de klink vanzelf omhoog. (Dutch)
Tiru la fadenon, la pordotenilo leviĝos. (Esperanto)

In France in the 1600s, when Perrault wrote his version titled Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, a chaperon was worn by women of aristocracy and middle class. Thus for a village girl like Little Red Riding Hood to wear a red chaperon made her a nonconformist. Clothing codes were strictly enforced during Perrault’s time. Thus the wearing of the red cap is one way that Perrault sets up Little Red Riding Hood as not doing what one should. It also contributes to why she is punished in the end. [Read whole article here.]

- Now take off that red cape of yours and let me see what goodies you have for me!
[…] As the cape fell to the floor, the Wolf was surprised to see that underneath her cape, Little Red Riding Hood was wearing nothing but a red lacy bra, a red garter belt and a red leather G-String.
- No, Mr. Wolf. You got it all wrong. Let ME see what goodies YOU have for me! [more] 

Little Red Riding Hood (An Adult Version) story by Jessica Lovecraft & Yankee Rose

In Native Amerindian culture, Wolf is a teacher.

 Anna Shaw

 Eugenio Recuenco

In my version of the story, the pair get married after the Wolf sedates her and tricks her into marriage. This is their official portrait, taken with Red's grandmother on the table. 

 Ripper Wolf

 Shlomi Nissim

 The Lord Sandman


 Wendy Stolyarov

 Evil Twin


 Jabson Rodrigues

 Julie Fofisss



 Nathaniel Milljour




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Serge Gainsbourg & France Gall - Dents de lait, Dents de loup

Gall Gainsbourg  Dents De Lait Dents De Loup by melodynelson1972

Toi, tu n'es qu'un bébé
Rien qu'un bébé loup
Tu as des dents de lait
Pas des dents de loup.

Oui, je suis un bébé
Rien qu'un bébé loup
Oui, j'ai des dents de lait
Mais des dents de lait de loup.

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